hydraulic block making machine

QTF10-15 is automatic automatic concrete block making machine, and we are fly ash bricks machine manufacturers and have many kinds of cement bricks manufacturing machine price and interlocking brick machine for sale.

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    ▶ Brief introduction of QTF10-15

    QTF10-15 is an full-automatic concrete block making machine. It has some advantage as below:
    QTF10-15 full-automatic brick making machine can produce various different concrete hollow and solid bricks by changing the mould.
    2.Large production
    QTF10-15 can produce 14400-16800 pieces of brick per 8 hours, because its molding cycle is just 10s.
    3.High Quality Mould
    We use the best steel as the raw material, advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology is adopted by this machine, so it has a great advantage in the strong wear and tear.
    4.Good Raw Materials
    This model is made of high-performance steel Q345 selected according to international CE standard. Thus it has advantages in high toughness and high strength.
    5.Easy Operation
    This machine is equipped with PLC control system , so it’s very easy to operate just by pressing the operation button. So you just need 2-3 workers to conduct the production.
    ▶ Block samples
    The brick moulds are customizable according to your need.The following are commom used brick sample.
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