automatic hollow block machine

QTF4-15C is a fully automatic hollow block manufacturing machine, and this block production line can produce different types of solid block, hollow block, colored paving brick, kerb just by changing mould.

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    The main advantage of this automatic brick machine

    QTF4-15C is a fully automatic solid and hollow block manufacturing machine, which realizes the real automatic block production line from raw material to finished brick molding.
    It has the following obvious advantages:
    1. Multi-function: by changing different molds, different types of solid block, hollow block, colored paving brick, kerb and other products of different specifications can be effectively produced. The cost of investment has been greatly reduced.
    2. Energy-saving and efficient: new energy-saving and efficient automatic brick making machine adopts bottom-up pressing structure, which greatly improves production efficiency and brick quality.
    3. Advanced electrical components: international front-line brands such as Siemens, schneider of France and SEW of Germany are adopted. Packing depth, pressure speed, intelligent pressure adjustment, automatic material evenness, accurate and rapid control of the entire production process, effective guarantee of brick pass rate.
    4. Advanced technical support: the adoption of hydraulic molding technology greatly improves the molding quality and shortens the molding time, thus greatly improving the production efficiency.
    5. High-quality molds: the high-quality molds produced by linear cutting and carburizing heat treatment process are durable and have a longer service life.
    6. A wide range of raw materials: fly ash, calcium carbide mud, slag, construction waste and other solid wastes can be used as raw materials for the production of different bricks.
    Different brick samples for this machine
    The following brick shape is only for your reference, we can customize the special brick shape you need.
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