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Hollow Block Making Machine

1.  Introduction

QTF40-1 China brick making machine is a new product in our company FULANG MACHINE. This hollow block making machine can produce 2500-5000 pieces block per shift.
This China brick making machine QTF40-1 has five aspects feature as follows.
1.  Low investment, high profit
The price concrete block machine is very cheap. 
2.  Easy operation
QTF40-1 is a small scale hollow block machine, it does not need engineer to install the machine. After assembling belt   conveyor and connection with power, you can use it directly.
3.  Labor saving
QTF40-1 only needs four workers . One person for operating mixer, one person for operating china brick making machine, two person transporting the block.
4. Space saving
QTF40-1 occupy 60m2 workshop only.
5.  Muti function
QTF40-1 can make hollow block,solid brick by changing the molds.
QTF40-1 is a cost-effective block machine. It will be the best choice for the small scale block factory.

2. Brick Models 
The brick moulds can be customized according to your requirement. 
brick samples

3.  QT40-1 Theoretical Production capacity 




 Pcs/ 8 Hr














4. QT40-1 cement blocks machine Main technical parameters

Dimension of host machine


 Host machine power




 Vibration force


 Moulding period




 The size of the pallet


 Mixer model


 Weight of the  machine

 About 2.5T



 Theoretical workshop area: 50 m2, need about 3-4workers, the office, curing area and stacking area to arrange according your fact status.

5. Engineers Available
We have several Engineers stay abroad,help you install the machine and Training your workers.

Brick Making Machine installation abroad

block machine installation