concrete block making machine

QTF8-15 is automatic automatic paver block machine, it can produce different kinds of blocks, and we also have many other different kinds of cement blocks and hello bricks machine for your choice.

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    Brief introduction of this automatic block making machine Italy

    QTF8-15 is a fully automatic concrete block making machine.
    1. High degree of automation: adopts imported PLC program control system, which is easier to operate for users.
    2. Advanced technology: all key electronic control components, motors and hydraulic and pneumatic components are made of well-known foreign products, such as YUKEN’s hydraulic control, to guarantee the high reliability of equipment operation.
    3. Versatility functions: different cement blocks can be produced by changing different molds
    4. Environmental protection: no waste residue, waste water and harmful gas are generated in the concrete blocks making process
    5. More available raw materials: fly ash, waste construction waste, slag, cinder and so on all can be used as raw materials for this automatic paver block machine.

    Machine details show 

    Technical parameters and theoretical production capacity 

    Technical Parameters
    Weight of host machine 8.5T Molding area 936x880mm
    Power of host machine 29.1KW Vibration force 60-80KN
    Water consumption 5-10T/Day Mixer model JS750
    Pallet size 980x900x25mm Workshop 260m2

    Theoretical  Production Capacity

    Size(LxWxH) Pcs/Mould Pcs/Hr Pcs/8Hr
    400x100x200mm 16 2880-3360 23040-26880
    400x150x200mm 10 1800-2100 14400-16800
    400x200x200mm 8 1440-1680 11520-13440
    400x250x200mm 6 1080-1260 8640-10080
    Solid:230x110x70mm 33 5940-6930 47520-55440
    Paver:200x100x60xmm 32 5760 46080
    Paver:200x100x60xmm 20 3600 28800

     Different brick samples 

    The following is only part of bricks for your reference, if you have other special needs we can customize other brick for you.

     Installation abroad