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Brief introduction 

QTF4-24 hollow blocks making business machine is designed with full line accessories, such as concrete mixer, convey belt and so on. These are optional according to your requirement, so you can only buy this host machine as manual cement bricks machine, also you can use this machine as automatic block machine with all the accessories.
1. This machine is can produce many kinds of hollow blocks, solid blocks, and interlocking pavers just by changing different mold. Further more, the mold can be made according to your own drawing.
2. The machine quality is controlled by CE standard, and the accessories is customizable according to you special need, such as world famous brand accessories-German Siemens motors and French Schneider brand switch, etc. So you can safely choose us.
3. In order to facilitate the replacement of the block mold, we specially designed the mold structure. In the aspect of mold life, we use abreast of the times heat treatment equipment to carburize. Usually we can guarantee 100,000 use times. In fact, it can use more long time.

Block samples 

This machine can produce different kinds of blocks with different shapes.

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