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QTF4-15C automatic hollow block molding machine

QTF4-15 auto brick molding machine
Advantage of this auto hollow block molding machine 

1. The QTF4-15C, an automatic hollow block manufacturing equipment, adopts international first-line PLC control system, to finish accurate control of date input and output. Further more, it will shutdown the machine automatically, when it diagnoses some fault operation.
2.It can produce different types of hollow and solid blocks, colorful pavement bricks, and other kinds of products with different specifications by replacing different mold.
3. In order to accurately control the key components of the machine, we adopt imported dynamic control proportional valves, high performance seals, and hydraulic component. These will adjust the oil volume and pressure to accurately control the movement of every key component according to different working requirement.
4. Making the best use of the effective pressure, the pressure force is transmitted to all parts of the mold box in a balanced way, which not only improves the finished bricks’ density, but also ensures much uniform hardness.
5. In the production process of the mold, we adopts precise line cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment technology. Further more, we applied four-bar steering mode to ensure the precise movement of the indenter. These can greatly improve the forming blocks precision and service life of the mould.
PLC control box and hollow block samples
Technical parameters 

Shaping cycle 24s Pressure foce 40-50KN
Host machine power 21.8KW Mixer model JS500
Pallet size 850x550x30mm Certification CE&ISO
Production capacity 5760-11520pieces/8H Workers needed 4-6 person
Workshop need 200m2 Molding area  1016*600mm

Foreign installation
Professional engineers are available for foreign installation.
foreign installation