QTF15-15 fully automatic cement brick making machine

QTF15-15 is an fully automatic concrete block making machine, it’s production capacity is 1.5 times of QTF10-15. Let’s see this super block manufacturing machine together!

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    Main Advantage:
    1. High production capacity:

    QTF15-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine has more higher production capacity than QTF10-15, and the yield is 1.5 times that of it. Take the brick size of 400*100*200 mm for example,  it’s production capacity can reach 50400 pieces per 8 hours.  So it’s very suitable for the enterprises with high product demand.
    2. High technology adopted by this machine
    This automatic block making machine is equipped with the highest technology and the best raw materials of our company, aiming to create a high-end product with high-tech and high-quality raw materials.
    The key original parts are provided by famous brands at home and abroad. For example, the motor comes from Siemens of Germany, a world-famous manufacturer. The control system is from Mitsubishi, a famous brand in Japan. And so on.
    At the same time, we have sent our technical team to carry out further study and investigation in various countries, so as to introduce the most advanced production technology of various countries, such as wire cutting technology, carburizing heat treatment technology.
    Our company’s philosophy is: Science and technology is the first productivity. We should use science and technology to lead the development of the times and always stand at the forefront of science and technology. The level of science and technology is the core standard to measure the level of a company’s manufacturing industry.
    3. High cost performance:
    As an enterprise, we should not only focus on interests, but also focus on long-term development and future development. FULANG machinery, focusing on the future development, focuses on the deployment of a strategic goal suitable for the long-term development of the enterprise. With the best price and the highest quality to meet the market demand. Let FULANG’s brick making machine enter every corner of the world. Based on the brand effect, so that they will always be invincible.
    4. Installation and training:

    FULANG MACHINE is committed to improve the pre-sale and after-sales service, so as to absolutely satisfy customers. For small machines before leaving the factory, we must carry out strict testing and testing. For large machines like QTF15-15, we not only need to inspect before leaving the factory, but also send engineers to the local area for on-site installation and training, so as to ensure that the machines can run normally and the operators of customers can operate the machines skillfully, after that, our engineers can return to China at ease.
    QTF15-15 fully automatic concrete block making machine