FL10-15 Big Capacity mobile hollow block machine

Top sale hollow block machine advantages:
1.Egg laying block making machine
2.Lower investment
4.Mobile block making machine
5.3-4 workers

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    Egg Laying hollow block machine

    concrete block molds details

    Egg laying hollow block machine 12000pcs per 8 hours

    It is one mobile brick machine, based on foreign advanced technology and process, our company research and development mobile hydraulic brick machine, the brick machine has great advantage as follow:

    Technology advanced: the whole design process consider principle of integrative reconciliation and the internal structure of a rational order, so the machine have great technical advantage, it adopt several new technique, such as box excitation, hydraulic discharge, omnidirectional automatically movement

    High quality: the whole machine is adopted high quality steel, and precision welding, the hydraulic system use high-quality components, so it have a longer life and less fault during work

    Low investment, high efficiency: this machine have several function features, such as low price,reliable performance, easy to operated, stable, more efficient, high output, low power consumption. the brick it produced have high density, high strength, accurate dimensional, good appearance,so it can reduce the customer’s investment and production costs and give fast and large benefit

    Main technical parameter of QT10-15 egg laying hollow concrete block molds for sale

                                QT10-15 Mobile concrete hollow block machine brief introduction main technical parameters
     Overall dimension  3150*1800*2400mm
     Demold method  Hydraulic
     Turning method  Hydraulic
     Hydraulic system pressure  16-20Mpa
     Excitation frequency  3200Hz
     Total power  16KW
     Total mass  4200KG
     Molding cycle  10-15S
     Molding  10 Pcs/mould(400*200*200/390*190*190 mm)
     Capacity  2000-9000Pcs/hour
     Types of bricks can be made  

    All kinds of moulds can be made by customers’ drawings

     Moving method  Automatically move and hydraulic steering
     Excitation way  Three-dimensional box excitation
     Raw material  

    Crushed stone, sand, cement, dust and coal fly ash, cinder, slag, gangue, gravel, perlite, and
    other industrial wastes.

    Capacity of QT10-15 egg laying block making machine

     Brick size (mm)/(inch)  Pcs/mould  Pcs/hour
     530x100x200mm   (20x4x8 inch)  12  1728-2160
     530x150x200mm   (20x6x8 inch)  8  1152-1440
     530x200x200mm   (20x8x8 inch)  6  864-1080
     400x100x200mm   (16x4x8 inch)  18  2592-3240
     400x125x200mm   (16x5x8 inch)  14  2532-3360
     400x150x200mm   (16x6x8 inch)  12  1728-2160
     400x200x200mm   (16x8x8 inch)  10  1440-1800

    This machine can produce different kinds of blocks just by changing mould, and the mould can be customized according to your requirement

    concrete block samples this machine can produce

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