vibrated block making machine

QTF4-24 is a hollow brick making machine with paving block production line, and we are concrete block machine manufacturer.

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     Main advantage of this hollow brick making machine

    1. QTF4-24 can not only make concrete block, but also apply to fly ash, slag, crushed stone and other materials of paving block production, besides, this block machine can produce various shapes of block bricks simply by changing different mold.
    2. QTF4-24 block making machine adopts formwork table vibration, which makes concrete liquefied and discharged completely in 2-3 seconds, and ensures high density of products.
    3. The newest vibration technology and arch-breaking device are used to control the feeding and mold vibration respectively, and this is the improvement of traditional static brick-making machine. Furthermore, the most uniform feeding and forming optimization are realized.
    4. QTF4-24, as our most popular semi-automatic concrete block production line, has been greatly improved compared with the old static brick-making machine, electrical system, integrated automation control and so on. It is convenient for workers to master the operation and maintenance technology.
    Technical parameter
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