QTF4-25A semi-automatic concrete block machine

This semi-automatic concrete block making machine with low price  can produce difficult kinds of concrete blocks

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    QTF4-25A computer-controlled semi-automatic concrete block machine is a new type developed by our company, which absorbs many advantages of similar small machines.
    1. Automatic feeding, automatic distributing, automatic scraping, automatic distributing, electrolytic coupling, equipped with a special palletizing block-making machine.
    2. Low price, simple operation, strong and durable, suitable for mass production of blocks in small and medium block factories.
    3. The brick machine is made of high-strength steel, which is very strong after a special welding process.
    4. The stacking height can be 3-5, and the dedicated brick stacking machine greatly reduces the labor intensity of workers under working conditions, realizes the automatic production of small block machines, greatly increases the output of blocks, and is an ideal substitute for similar models.
    5. The equipped distributing device, under computer control, generates vertical synchronous vibration through a hydraulic drive system and performs low-frequency cloth and high-frequency block forming. The sensor and hydraulic proportional drive technology are used to produce forced centrifugal unloading under the action of the swing and arc breaking mechanism, so that the cloth is fast and uniform, especially suitable for the production of thin-walled and porous blocks.
    6. The guidepost is made of special super-strength steel with a cadmium-plated surface, which has perfect torsional strength and wears resistance.
    7. QTF4-25A full-automatic concrete block forming machine has multiple functions, especially the mold can be replaced. This concrete block-making machine can produce blocks of different sizes and shapes by changing molds. Such as hollow concrete blocks, soil blocks, colored paving bricks, curbs, etc.
    8. The multi-source vibration system can produce perfect vibration effects for different raw materials.