Manual Soil Interlocking Brick Machine

FL1-40 is a manual hand soil cement interlocking brick press machicne.The clay brick machine price is reasonable with high quality. FL1-40 manual brick press machine can produce valuable clay interlocking bricks by changing molds with one same machine.

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     Main advantage of this machine 

    1. FL2-40 brick press machine is a new kind of small manual brick making machine, which is cheap and durable, easy to operate and no need power.
    2. FL2-40 clay brick machine can produce different kinds of clay interlocking bricks by changing the mould.
    3. FL2-40 manual brick manufacturing machine uses a mixture of soil and cement to make stabilized bricks. The cement ratio can be 5%-10%. It depending on the soil type available.
    4. FL2-40 mould is made of 16# manganese steel. Besides the good raw material, precise line cutting technology and 900 ℃ carburizing heat treatment technology are all adopted  to make sure the brick moulds have better performance and longer service time.

     Technical Parameter and Production Capacity

    Dimension 1600*700*1100mm Weight 130kg
    Shaping time 30-40s Standard block size 300*150*100mm
    Host machine power Hand press Voltage No need
    Capacity 1920Pcs/day Pcs/mold 2 pcs/mould


     Customizable moulds  

     Machine details show 

     Packing and Delivery