mini concrete block making machine

QTF40-3C is a mini block machine with small and simple structure. It can produce different shapes of blocks just by changing the mould.

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    ▶ Main advantage of this brick machine 

    1. Portable and small and delicate body structure

    QTF40-3C is equipped with four wheels, you can easily move the machine to wherever you want. And it’s body structure is simple and delicate, so it’s very suitable for small business.

    1. Multifunction

    QTF40-3C can produce different shapes and sizes of blocks by changing the mould.

    1. High output and high efficiency

    The production efficiency is very high because of the short forming cycle of QTF40-3C (only 30s). For example, for a size of 400 x 200 x 200 mm, it can reach 1200 bricks per shift (8 hours), and the production capacity varies according to the size and type of bricks.

    1. High quality mold

    Precision wire cutting and carburizing technology are adopted to make the brick mold have excellent performance, long service life and accurate block size. The control error is within 0 ~ 2mm.

    1. Advanced technique

    The machine adopts vibration molding technology, which makes the working state of the brick-making machine more stable and efficient, and bricks produced with higher density and higher strength.

    ▶ Main technical parameter

    Dimension of host machine 920*800*1260mm Voltage 380/415/440V
    Shaping cycle 40-50s Total machine power 1.5KW
    Vibration Frequency Max.300r/min Weight  of the machine 250KG
    Pallet size no need Raw material Soil/Sand/Cement


     Brick samples 

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