QTF4-25D fully automatic hollow block making machine

QT4-25 sandcrete block making machine has automatic and semi-automatic versions for your choice and it adopts advanced electronic control technology, best choice for hollow bricks manufacturing factory.

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     Main advantage of this fly ash brick machine 

    1.QTF4-25 has automatic and semi-automatic cement concrete hollow block brick machine for your choice and it adopts advanced electronic control technology, reliable hydraulic system, mechanical, electrical, hydraulic automatic control in one, simple and reliable operation.

    2.QTF4-25 block molding machine adopts the form of high vibration molding, which can make the concrete liquefied completely in 2-3S and ensure the high density of the product. It is especially suitable for producing high strength standard bricks and stacking after forming, so as to save a lot of stacking costs.

    3.QTF4-25 fly ash block forming machine adopts advanced vibration technology and arch breaking device, realizes the comprehensive vibration control of materials, and realizes the homogenization and optimization of most materials.

    4.The frame of QTF4-25 block shaping machine adopts special double-ended comprehensive output vibration technology, optimizes the layout of the shaker, and makes the exciting force distribute evenly in the shaker.

    5.As a professional manufacturer of unburned brick machines, our machines can be used for the production of concrete and cement bricks / blocks, also for the production of fly ash, slag, slag brick materials, installation of different molds, but also the production of various wall blocks. Standard bricks, hollow bricks, etc.

     Main technical parameters 

    Dimension of host machine  3700*2100*2300mm
    Engine  Electrical engine
    Host machine power  16.35KW
    Total power  23.7KW
    Vibration force  35.5KN
    Voltage  Adapt to your local voltage
    Shaping cycle  20S
    The size of the pallet  850*550*30mm
    Weight of the machine 3T


     Brick samples 

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