hydraulic clay brick machine

FL10-10 is an automatic brick making machine price reasonable with hydraulic clay brick manufacturing process and we are specialized clay brick making machine manufacturers, welcome to visit us.

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    Main advantage of this machine 

    ♦ 1.  Function: FL10-10, an automatic brick making machine price reasonable.

    ♦ 2.  Large capacity: Daily capacity as high as 28800 pieces ( 8 hours ).

    ♦ 3.  Advanced technology: Hydraform technology , make sure the interlocking bricks produced with high quality.

    ♦ 4.  High quality mould: Wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment to prolong the service life of interlocking bricks mould .

    Main technical parameters

    Dimension of host machine 2400×2100×2200mm
     Weight of the electric motor  165KG
     Hydraulic system pressure  31.5MP
    Host machine power 18.5KW
    Voltage adjustable
     Pieces/mould  10 pc/mould
     Raw material  soil , clay , earth , etc

    Machine details show 

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