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Brief introduction of QTF4-24 interlocking brick machine.
QTF4-24 can produce hollow and solid blocks of different sizes and shapes by changing the mold.
1. High yield and high efficiency
The forming cycle of QTF4-24 is 24s, and the production efficiency is very high. Each class can reach 2880-3600 bricks (8 hours), and the production capacity varies according to the size and type of bricks.
2. Advanced technique
The machine adopts vibration molding technology, which makes the working state of the brick-making machine more stable and efficient, and produces better brick quality, higher density and higher strength.
3. High quality mold
We use high quality steel as raw materials, through advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment process meticulous production, in the strong wear has great advantages.

Main technical parameters of QTF4-24 rammed concrete brick making machine.

Dimension of host machine 




Shaping cycle


Host machine power


Vibration force


Weight  of the machine


Applied products

hollow, solid and paving blocks

Raw material


Pallet size


Mixer model


Brick mould sample
The following bricks shapes are the commom shapes, besides, we can design for you according to your special requirement.
 QT4-24 block samples

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We are the supplier and manufacturer of brick machinery. We have been engaged in the production of brick machinery for many years. We have rich experience and high quality of service, including pre-sale, in-sale and after-sale services.
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