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Concrete cement block machine

QT4-24 sand concrete cement block machine
cement block machine details
1. QT4-24 multi functional cement block machine, is not only capable of making concrete blocks but also suitable for the production of blocks made of fly ash, slag, slag and other materials. This concrete block making machine for sale can make produce a variety of wall block, scale brick, hollow brick, porous brick, simply by changing the mould.

2. By improving the traditional static bricks making machine, using latest vibration technology and broken arch device, material feeding and mould vibration are controlled separately, the most uniform feeding and shaping optimization are achieved. This manual concrete block machine adopts mould and table vibration to make the concrete fully liquefied and exhaust in 2~3 seconds, this ensures that the products of high density. So this cement block machine is especially suitable for producing high strength standard brick, the products can be stacked immediately after being formed, lots of money will be saved because you don't need to buy that many pallets any more.

3. As our most welcomed manual concrete block manufacturing machine line, it has lots of improvement compared to the old static bricks making machine, reliable hydraulic and electricity system, integrated automatic control, easy for the worker to master the operation and maintenance technique. Choose our QT4-24 sand concrete cement block machine for sale, you will never regret.

1.  QT4-24 cement block machine Parameter

 Dimension of host machine 


 Host machine power


 Molding cycle 


 Vibration force


 Mould period




 The size of the pallet


 Mixer model


 Weight of the machine




 2. QT4-24 brick cement block machine Capacity



 Pcs/ Hr

 Pcs/ 8 Hr

















 240X115X 52mm




All kind of hollow and solid block molds can be customized according to your requirement.

 hollow solid concrete block samples

concrete cement block samples
different paver block samples
3. QT4-24 brick making machines Advantage

1. It adopts to the domestic technology of vibration of vibration table.

And it gets a strong vibration with a little power.

2. Concrete block making machine for sale combines lower die vertical vibration and top die vibration,as a result, and it can produce block more quickly and the compactness and intensity of block is great.

3. Reasonable design with easy operation release human and get a high efficiency.

4. It produces various blocks with different molds.

5. The performance and block quality can compare with large-sized machine


4. QT4-24 cement block machine sale in kenya Required area

work area:50-60m2  3-5 workers

Total area: 100M2 (theoretically), you can arrange it with your own situation.


5. QT4-24 brick making machine Price Terms

1. All prices are based on FOB Qingdao, CHINA. MOQ: 1 set

2. Payment terms: 30% as down deposit by T/T, 70% as the balance paid by T/T before loading(L/C is also acceptable.)

3. Validity: four weeks

4. Delivery: 15-20 days upon receipt of deposit. 


 6. QT4-24 concrete block machine Scale of raw material

1. 8%-10% cement ,30%-40% sand, 50%-60% stone 

2. 8% cement,60% sand,Fly ash 30%,2% gypsum.

7. Engineers installation abroad available

cement block machine installation
concrete block machine installation