FL 2-10 Soil Interlocking Block Machine

Interlocking brick making machine price is reasonable.Automatic clay brick making machine can produce various soil cement brick blocks.Automatic clay brick machine adopts hydraulic pressure moulding technology

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    ▶ Main advantage of this machine

    1. FL2-10 is an interlocking brick making machine. It can produce 2pcs at a time and 5760pcs/8h.
    2. This automatic clay brick making machine can produce different interlocking bricks by changing moulds. Also we can customize brick moulds according to your requirements.
    3. The hydraulic press of this machine can reach 20 tons, so the bricks produced are very firm and durable.
    4. Our molds are made of manganese steel and adopt precise line cutting and carburizing treatment technology to prolong mould service life. And the mould is replaceable and customizable.


     Technical Parameter

    Dimension 2200*1050*2200mm Piece/mould 2Pcs/mould
    Shaping cycle 10s Weight 1300kgs
    Motor power 7.5KW/15Hp Capacity 5760Pcs/8 Hr
    Pressure 20 tons Pallet No need
    Rated voltage Adapt to local voltage Capacity Interlocking bricks


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