semi automatic hollow block machine

QTF4-24 is a semi automatic block making machine. And it can produce different kinds of hollow blocks. We have other fly ash bricks making machine and block making machine price list for your choice.

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    Main advantage of this semi automatic block making machine

    QTF4-24 is a semi-automatic fly ash bricks making machine, which has the following advantages:
    1. Ultra-strong vibration motor: the vibration table adopts the pressure vibration of upper mold and directional vertical vibration to achieve the super-strong vibration effect with the minimum power, so that each raw material can be effectively fluid-filled and dense, making the masonry of production even in density and high in strength. And adopt four leading direction, raised productivity greatly.
    2. High quality raw materials: the body using large steel as raw materials, combined with special carbon dioxide protection welding technology, strong resistance to shock, the whole suspension and connection parts adopt Vertical Vibration Technology and Spring Vibration Isolated Technique, achieved good damping effect, reduces the power loss at the same time, reduced the die wear and prolong the working life of the mold.
    3. Semi-automatic operation system: the machine adopts automatic up-mould push and pull, and coordinates with manual scraping and brick discharge.The operation method is simple, convenient and flexible, easy to master.
    4. Ingenious design of protecting wooden supporting plate: the synchronous resonance of the wooden supporting plate with the mold does not suffer the impact force in the brick forming process, thus greatly extending the service life of the wooden supporting plate.
    5. Perfect match of pressing head, pressing foot and mould box: small gap between pressing foot and mould box, small rough edge of block, good appearance. The pressure head can be moved lengthwise for feeding, maintenance and flushing.
    6. Multi-use: multiple sets of molds of different specifications can be customized at the same time. Bricks of different specifications can be produced by replacing molds. It can produce porous brick, hollow brick, standard brick, pavement brick, slope brick, kerb stone, grass brick and so on.
    7. Low cost of raw materials of brick: cement, slag, sand, stone chips, gangue, coal ash, fly ash, bottom slag and waste construction waste can be used as raw materials for brick production, and no waste residue or waste water will be generated in the production process, which is in line with the concept of global environmental protection
    Technical parameters and theoretical production capacity 
     Different brick samples 
    The following is only part of bricks for your reference, if you have other special needs we can customize other brick for you.
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