manual concrete block making machine

QTF4-24 is a semi-automatic hollow block making machine for sale, a machine can produce a variety of shapes of bricks. We also have other block making machine for your choice.

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     Product Introduction 

    QTF4-24 is a semi-automatic concrete brick machine, which mainly has the following advantages:

    1. One machine is multi-purpose: a machine can produce a variety of shapes of bricks, only a simple replacement of different molds. We can design different shapes of molds for you according to your demand for brick shape.
    2. high cost performance: the price of this machine is moderate and its functions are complete. It is a priority for small and medium enterprises.
    3. Advanced technical support: advanced carburizing heat treatment and wire cutting technology at home and abroad are adopted in the mold making process, and vibration molding technology is adopted in the molding process.
    4. Super high configuration: This machine is equipped with Siemens motor, YUKEN hydraulic system, Schneider electronic control components, Mitsubishi control system.

    Technical parameter

    Dimension of host machine 2060*1730*2580mm Voltage Adjustable
    Vibration force 30KN Host machine power 13.45kw
    Shaping cycle 24s Weight  of the machine 3T
    Applied products hollow, solid and paving blocks Pallet size 850*550*30mm


     Different shapes brick samples for your reference

    In addition to the following shapes, we can also design bricks for you according to your needs.

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