QTF4-18 fully automatic cement brick making machine

QTF4-18 fully automatic cement brick making machine production line can produce different kinds of hollow blocks, interlock paver blocks automatically. Click to see more.

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    Function Of This Block Machine:
    1. This QTF4-18 fully automatic cement brick machine can produce different kinds of cement bricks, such as hollow bricks, interlock paver bricks, curbstone etc.

    2. This machine is made with multifunction. Because its mold is replaceable and customizable.  Besides one free mold, you can customizable additional several molds according to your local market requirement. Normally, our customer will customize several hollow block molds, interlock paver block molds to meet his or her different requirements of local market.

    QTF4-18 production line

    Technology Adopted By This Brick Machine:
    1. This machine is a fully automatic production line, so it is equipped with PLC integrated control system, to control most of all its accessories, such as convey belt, bathing machine, brick stacking machine, etc.
    2. This machine adopts hydraulic molding system. It can provide much higher shaping pressure, so the brick just produced can be stacked directly.   
    3. Precise line cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment are adopted in the production process of its block molds. So the block produced have very accurate sizes. And the block molds have longer service time.

    Famous Brand Accessories:
    1. We adopt Siemens motor
    2. We adopt Mitsubishi Control System

    famous brand accessories of this brick machine

    Our Factory Show:

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