manual concrete block machine

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    ♦1. QTF4-24 is medium-sized semi-automatic block moulding machine, the main products of this machine is concrete hollow block, and it also can produce paver with different shapes and size, by changing different molds.

    ♦ 2. It absorbed advanced foreign machinery technology and created the double-column and double-pressure block forming mode, which is an upgrade from the old version of single column. This machine will have a more accurate positioning of the molds.
    ♦ 3.This machine combines the vertical vibration and the pressure vibration of the upper mold to make the product form quickly, with high density and uniform strength.
    ♦ 4. Reasonable design, easy operation and fully automatic feeding system make this machine have high production efficiency and labor saving.
    Host machine main technology parameter

    Dimension 2060x1730x2580mm Weight 3Ton
    Shaping cycle 24s Vibration foce 35.5KN
    Host machine power 13.45KW Mixer model JQ350
    Pallet size 850x550x30mm Certification CE&ISO
    Production requirement

    Area 2000m2                                           Worker 4~6person
    Workshop 50m2 Distribution power 22.05KW
    Raw material store workshop 300m2 Water consumption 4Ton/day
    Office 30m2 Pallet quantity 1200
    Block samples
    The block mold is customizable and you can choose your local popular size and shape. Most of our customers always customize more than one block molds, so that they can produce different kinds of blocks with one machine.