manual fly ash brick making machine

QTF4-28 is a manual cheap block brick making machine with diesel engine, it can produce different sizes and shapes blocks just by changing the mould. Welcome to contact us: [email protected]

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    ▶ brief introduction of QTF4-28 block machine
    QTF4-28 is a manual concrete block forming machine with diesel engines. It has the following advantages:

    1. Multi-function

    QTF4-28 can produce different sizes and shapes of hollow and solid blocks of by changing the mold.

    1. Advanced technique

    The machine adopts vibration molding technology, which makes the working state of the brick-making machine more stable and efficient, and produces better quality bricks with higher density and higher strength.

    1. High yield and high efficiency

    The forming cycle of QTF4-28 is 30s, and the production efficiency is very high. It can produce 2400 bricks per 8 hours(take the 400*200*200mm brick as example), and the production capacity varies according to the size and type of bricks.

    1. High quality mold

    We use high quality steel Q345 as raw materials, through advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment process meticulous production, so it has great advantages in the strong wear and resistance.

    ▶ Main technical parameters

    Dimension of host machine 1480x1250x2000mm Voltage Adjustable
    Shaping cycle 24s Host machine power 13.45kw(18HP)
    Rated pressure 15MPa Weight  of the machine 3T
    Applied products hollow, solid and paving blocks Raw material Soil/Sand/Cement
    Pallet size 850x450x25mm Mixer model JQ350
    Oil consumption 2L/H Diesel engine starting mode Electric start

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