M7MI hydroform bricks machine

M7MI is a manual interlocking brick making machine. This mud block making machine can produce various interlocking blocks by changing mold. and we also have other interlocking brick machine design your choice.

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     Main advantage of this machine
    1. M7MI manual interlocking brick making machine can produce many kinds of interlocking bricks just by changing the mould.
    2. M7MI mud block making machine adopts hydraulic moulding technology to assure the block machine have stable and high-efficiency working status and the blocks produced are of better quality,larger density and higher strength.
    2. M7MI clay brick machine moulds are made of 16# manganese steel. And precise line cutting technology and 900℃ carburizing heat treatment technology are all adopted to make sure the mould size error can be controlled within 0.002mm . The surface layer of the brick moulds get higher hardness (achieving HRC54-58) and better wear resistance.
    3. M7MI is powered by diesel engine. So it will be suitable for the place lacking electricity.
    4. M7MI has two wheels,  it is easy to move wherever you want to. And M7MI itself has a mixer, it is convenient to mix meterial.

    Block samples 

    ▶ Technical Parameter

    Dimension 2950*1700*1600mm Weight 1200kg
    Shaping time 15s Pressue 15MPa
    Power 6.3kw Mixer model No need
    Capacity 1920pcs/8h Standard brick size 300*150*100mm
    Pieces/Mould 1pcs/mould Voltage Diesel engine