FL7-10 compressed stabilized earth blocks machine

FL7-10 is fully automatic hydraulic clay brick making machine with big capacity and we are soil brick making machine manufacturers, and we have other earth brick machine for your choice.

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    ▶ Main advantage of this machine 

    1. Function: FL7-10 full-automatic brick making machine can produce different shapes interlocking bricks by changing mould. Besides, the mould can be designed according to the need of customer.
    2. High production efficiency: This Chinese clay fully automatic brick making machine is a high efficient machine and the shaping cycle is 10s. The production can start and finish just by pressing start button, so the production efficiency is     high with labor saving, it can produce 20160 pieces bricks per 8 hours.
    3. Advanced technology: Hydraulic pressure molding technology is adopted by this machine, and the pressure can arrive at 31.5 MPa, so the blocks produced are of good quality, large density and high strength.
    4. High quality mould: The company adopts the most advanced cutting technology and heat treatment technology to ensure product quality and ensure customers’ ease.

     Technical Parameters of Motor 

    Motor Power  Weight Frequency Electricity
    Host machine motor 11KW 112kg 1460 r/min 2.6A
    Mixer  motor  7.5KW 75kg  1440r/min 14.9A
    Soil screen motor 1.1KW 58kg 1460r/min 11.2A
    Crusher motor 5.5KW 22kg 1400r/min 2.5A
    Conveyors belt motor 0.75KW 18kg 1390r/min 2.0A

    ▶ Different shapes brick samples for your reference
    The below brick shape is just for your reference, and we can design other brick mould according to your special requirement.

    ▶ Production Line 

    ▶ Customer Visiting