The hydraulic brick making machine is a high-tech product in the brick production line of this era. It is the most critical equipment in the construction work. It is made by processing the raw materials before and after processing. When it stops, the whole line stops working: therefore, it plays an important role in the construction industry.

The brick making machine mainly realizes the sequence control of each step in the production process and the control, setting, detection control and display of the temperature, time and pressure rating of the step. In addition to the plastic grouting method, the pressure forming technology of granular powder is mainly used in brick making all over the world. Basically, all of them have gone through the road of “manual hammering”, “semi mechanized friction pressure hammer”, “mechanical press”, “friction hydraulic press forming” and “automatic hydraulic press forming”.
Therefore, the automatic hydraulic press selected by enterprises all over the country is actually the application of practical experience summary, which is a relatively advanced method at present, but it is not the only method. The old brick machine usually uses relay type automatic control cabinet, which has some problems, such as complex structure, large volume, high failure rate, poor universality, and low control accuracy, which seriously affects the production efficiency and product quality of brick making engineering. Due to the advantages of strong control function, good reliability and flexible control program, the programmable control device has the advantages of flexible change with process parameters, Therefore, in recent years, both imported and domestic brick machines are mostly controlled by PLC. At present, some famous electrical appliance manufacturers in the world are almost all producing PLC, the product function mouth tends to be perfect, and the replacement cycle is gradually shortened.
Since the 1998s, our company began to organize and implement brick making technology and equipment. Under the policy of combining independent development with foreign advanced technology, introducing technology and digesting and absorbing, the development of automatic brick press has made great achievements. Our company has formed computer-aided equipment in the design of machine, and has just reached the level of foreign advanced technology in comparison with main technical parameters, main technical performance, main mechanical structure, hydraulic system, electrical control, etc. It can be used to manufacture on line and operate reliably. It can replace foreign machines of the same tonnage. It has mastered the design and manufacturing technology of modern block machine, and has the ability and experience of designing, manufacturing and producing various mechanical structure forms and various tonnage block making machines. Including the distribution system, hydraulic system optimization design and other aspects have reached the top level at home and abroad.
With the development of modern society, the rapid development of real estate industry, the increase of cement raw material output and the continuous expansion of construction scale provide a strong driving force for the development of brick industry. No matter from load-bearing, thermal insulation, insulation, filling, decoration and other building materials are better than other building materials, and the cost is low, and the available resources are rich. At the same time, starting from the current situation of land and resources in various countries, the development of fly ash and lightweight aggregate blocks is conducive to improving the living environment of buildings and the use of green wall materials, which is of great practical significance to the realization of the scientific outlook on development and the construction of a resource-saving society. The modern brick press is gradually developing to miniaturization, high speed, large capacity and intelligence, and to the direction of PLC programming. The development of block production equipment in China is also from scratch, from less to more. However, the traditional control method of block production line has high failure rate, poor control accuracy and poor system portability. The intelligent automatic control mode of PLC can not only overcome the shortcomings of traditional control system, reduce the labor intensity of workers, save manpower and material resources, improve production efficiency, but also realize the overall monitoring and centralized management of the whole production, which can improve the product’s quality It is of great significance to improve the automation degree of mechanical equipment and shorten the gap with the international similar products.