Fully automatic concrete block manufacturing equipment

QTF10-15 is a large-scale fully automatic unburned block making machine production line, it can produce various types of concrete blocks and paver just by changing mould, equipped with Siemens motor

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    ► Main advantage of this fully automatic block making machine

    QTF10-15 is a high-end configuration of large-scale fully automatic unburned brick machine production line, it has the following main technical advantages:

    1. This machine realizes the integration of machine, electricity and liquid, PLC automatic control system, the whole process of monitoring each link, fault self-locking, fault detection and output statistics.
    2. Complete functions, advanced technology, suitable for the production of various types of concrete blocks, standard bricks, perforated bricks, road bricks, product quality, high pressure resistance, size accuracy and other advantages, in addition to the secondary distribution device can produce a variety of colored bricks, colored grass bricks and roadside bricks.
    3. Has a wide range of available raw materials: sand, stone chips, slag, gangue, coal ash, fly ash, slag and waste construction waste can be used as raw materials to produce bricks.
    4. High-end technology support in the world: It is equipped with Siemens motor, Mitsubishi control system, YUKEN hydraulic system, Schneider electronic control elements.
    5. High quality molds: using advanced wire cutting technology and carburizing heat treatment technology to create high-quality mold.

    Technical parameter 

    Dimension of host machine 3500*2300*2930mm
    Weight of host machine 9.8T
    Power of host machine 37KW
    Vibration force 100KN
    Shaping period 10-15s
    Raw Materials Crushed stone/Fly ash/Cement/Concrete
    Products Hollow,blocks,solid bricks,pavers,curbstones


     Different shapes brick samples it can produce
    These blocks are for reference only. If you have other requirements, we can customize them for you.

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