100 tons FL5-10 is a high-quality soil brick-making machine. It has a very high production capacity. It can produce 5 pieces at a time. It’s an interlocking stabilized compressed earth soil cement block brick-making machine. It can make different clay bricks such as solid bricks, hollow bricks, interlocking bricks, and so on.

It’s a hydraform clay brick machine.

It can produce hydraform bricks. Hydraform brick is very popular in Africa. Many of our customers want to produce hydraform interlocking bricks. And they ask us which type of brick machine is their best choice. The FL5-10 is always their best choice. Its molding pressure can reach 100 tons. So the molding effect is very excellent. The density of hydraform brick produced by this machine is very high. So the strength is very high after drying. The brick strength can up to 10 times higher than ordinary hydraform bricks.

It is an interlocking brick machine.

It can produce different interlocking bricks. For example, the U bricks, hollow bricks. No matter which kind of brick, they always can be locked together. Interlocking design is the basic requirement for most customers. Because the interlocking brick design can add building strength. You can choose the brick with one hole or two holes, even three holes. You can decide the brick type according to your local market. Different countries always need different brick types for local buildings. Customers can order different molds according to your local need. One brick machine can produce different kinds of bricks. Because the molds are replaceable. You can change different molds to produce different bricks.

It is a hydraulic brick machine.

The molding method of this brick machine is hydraulic molding. As we all know, the more high pressure the machine can provide, the more high strength the brick will have.  This machine’s pressure is normally can reach 100 tons. Besides, we can also increase the pressure up to 200 tons. Because the hydraulic cylinder can be enlarged to increase the pressure.