FL10-15 mobile block machine

FL10-15 is mobile block making machine,and it can produce fly ash bricks and cement sand concrete block, and we are professional manufacturer and supplier.

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     Main advantage of FL10-15M brick block making machine 

    1. Advanced technology: The whole design process of mobile blockbrick making machineline comprehensively considers the coordination principle and the reasonable order of the internal structure. It has great technical advantages, and adopts new technologies such as box excitation, hydraulic discharge, and all-round automatic voltage regulation.
    2. High quality: The whole machine of FL10-15 concreteblock machineadopts high quality steel, precision welding, hydraulic system adopts high quality components, long service life, less trouble in work.
    3. Low investment but high efficiency: This machine has the characteristics of low price, reliable performance, easy operation, stable performance, high efficiency, high output, low energy consumption, etc. The brick produced has the characteristics of high density, high strength, accurate size, good appearance, etc., and has a wide range of application prospects. Reduce customer investment and production costs, and provide fast and huge benefits.

     The technical parameters and yield

    Overall size 3150*1800*2400mm Total mess 4200kgs
    Demoulding method Hydraulic Moudling cycle 10~15s
    Pcs/mould(400*200*200mm) 10 Total power 18.6Kw
    Turning method Hydraulic Excitation way Three-dimension excitation
    Hydraulic system pressure 16~25Mpa Moving method Automatically moving and hydraulic steering
    Excitation frequency 3000Hz Yield 16000pieces /8h

    Brick samples for your reference 

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