FL4-10 earth compressed block machine

FL4-10 is an automatic stabilized earth bricks making unit. The eco bricks it produced can also be used as paver, so it also be called as fully automatic paver block making machine.

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    Brief introduction of our advantage 
    1. This earth compressed block machine is an automatic system, equipped with full production line accessories, such as mixer, soil crusher, conveyor. And the material is fed into the soil crusher to crush the big pieces into powder, so the brick  is more easy to form.  After the material out form the cusher, the material is conveyed to the mixer. When the soil is mixed enough with the water, they can be conveyed to the host machine.
    2. The material proportion is selectable, if you want to increase the strength of the brick, you can improve the share of cement properly. But normally you just need to add 8-10% cement, that is enough. If you want to reduce the cost, you can also don’t add the cement.
    3. This machine can produce different shapes of earth blocks, such as hole bricks, interlocking bricks, and paver blocks, just by changing different moulds to meet different needing.
    4. The molding technology is the advanced hydraulic forming technology, and this is famous all over the world. So our products is unique in the market.

    Main technical parameters


    Size 2200*1250*2200mm Weight 1750kgs
    Hydraulic system pressure  60 tons Material soil/clay/earth  (the cement is optional according to your need)
    Moulding cycle 10 s Capacity 11520 pieces per shift
    Power  15KW Piece/Mould  4 pieces one mould


    Installation abroad of our machine