QTF4-25C interlocking paver block making machine

QTF4-25C is a semi-automatic cement paver block moulding machine, and we also have many others fly ash bricks manufacturing unit, fully automatic brick plant for sale

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    ► Main advantage of QTF4-25C interlocking paver block making machine

    QTF4-25C is a new semi-automatic concrete block moulding machine for sale. This is an upgrade to QTF4-24.

    ♦ 1. It can produce different kinds of paver blocks:  Several sets of molds can be customized at the same time, and different bricks can be produced by changing moulds. And the advanced wire cutting and carburizing heat treatment technology are adopted in the process of producing them, so the quality is very high.

    ♦ 2. Semi-automatic design: Lower than fully automatic cement brick machine, and at the same time more efficient than pure manual fly ash bricks manufacturing unit .

    ♦ 3. Hydraulic pressure moulding technology: It is equipped with hydraulic system, which can make sure the blocks produced with high density and high quality.

    ♦ 4. High capacity: it can produce 23040 for the paver size of 230*110*70mm, and the production capacity will different according to different size.

    Technical parameters

    Technical Parameters
    Dimension 3700x2100x2300mm Whole machine power 29kw
    Shaping cycle 24s Voltage Adjustable
    Applied products hollow, solid and paving blocks Weight 3T
    Brick pallet size 850x550x25mm Raw material sand/fly ash/cement/concrete

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