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automatic cement concrete blocks machine

 cement concrete blocks machine

Main advantage 

1. Many functions: The cement concrete blocks machine can produce different bricks by changing different molds, such as hollow blocks, colored paving slabs, multi-hole bricks, roadside stones and so on.
2. Less power consumption: Due to only the main motor is long-term operation during production, other motors are intermittently operated, which greatly saves electricity consumption.
3. High output: large displacement hydraulic pump to lift and lower the upper and lower molds, and the main molding is synchronized with the storage of raw materials.
4. Abrasives have high durability: they are refined and processed through many advanced processes such as carburizing heat treatment and wire cutting. Greatly extended service life. Basically can be used for up to 10 years. Therefore, the whole interlocking pavers machine machine can be operated by only one person.
5. Fully automatic full set of accessories: equipped with a cloth machine, palletizer(stacker), mixer, conveyor belt, etc.

Main technical parameters 

Size  3700*2100*2300mm
Power 16.35kw
Pallet size  850*550*30mm
Weight  3.0T
Work shop  60 m2

Installation abroad 
many bricks samples
installation of concrete paver block machine
installation of cinder block machine
Customer visiting 
Customer visiting of cement block machine