Always the best choice to choose Fulang Brand Ecological brick making machine!

There are lots of eco brick machine suppliers in the market.How to choose a good supplier,focus on Technology,Quality and After-sales Service.As a professional ecological brick making machine manufacturer and supplier of 20 years experience,Fulang Machine has earned her position in the market.With our own excellent research,development and sales team,we have mastered lots of innovations in production of eco brick machine and managed to supply high quality products with competitive price. With the beliefs of “ the science and technique for advantage, the quality for survive” and ofriginal of “Customer first, Reputation first” , the company is getting rapid growth and development.
We selete original Mitsubishi PLC intelligent control system,can realize man-machine conversation, fully automatic operation, random signal analysis, fault diagnosis and all kinds of parameters setting, so that the machine can achieve the best effect.Block machine uses computer to control the flow and pressure of batching system,realizes the vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, and brake.Advanced table-mould vibration system makes the concrete to get liquefied, exhaust gas in the 2-3 seconds.So the blocks are of high density and high srength.
Ecological brick making machine frame adopts super strong steel structure and special welding technology,uses lots of imported high quality materials and electric appliances,the performance of the equipment is more stable and reliable when the equipment is running for a long time.Unique feeding and breaking device makes the material mixed in the mould quickly and evenly.Special double ended synthesis output vibration technology, Reasonable arrangement of the vibrator, makes the vibration force evenly distributed in the vibrating table.So the blocks are of good consistency of product weight and strength.
With outstanding technology ,strict testing,reliable quality,reasonable price,and perfect after-sales service,Fulang Machine has gained a good reputation from all our customers.It is always the best choice to choose FULANG eco brick machine!