What’s the advantages of QTF4-15 automatic concrete block making machine?
1. QTF6-15 brick making machine body adopts high strength steel and special welding process.

——It is not easy to open and break, and it is extremely durable.
2. The double rack propulsion technology is adopted for the distribution box moving, and the movable door of the storage box is closed.
——To achieve the entire action of mechanical completion, simple structure, at a glance, stable production, easy maintenance.
3.The worm gear reducer drive technology is used to drive the ram downward.
——To achieve a smooth downward; the head downward adopts the technology of four angle gear engaging the tooth rail.
——The height of the formed brick is uniform and the edges and corners are neat and beautiful. And not easy to damage the mold box. Two adjustable vibrators are added to the ram.
——It can meet the requirement of vibration force for different block brick production.
4. The double arm chain rod pushing technology is adopted by cement brick making machine for the lifting and lowering of the mould box, which can achieve the balance and synchronization of the moving, smooth sliding and no damage to the sliding sleeve and sliding shaft.
5. The distributing teeth and rotating shaft in the distributing box adopt 360 degree rotation technology to achieve forced distribution of the brick material. The effect is that the distribution speed is fast and the distribution is very uniform.
6. The vibration platform adopts washboard cast steel technology, which can increase the amplitude, distribute the vibration force evenly, make the vibration force gather in the vibration platform, and increase the density and high strength of the block brick. At the same time, it reduces the destructive effect of scattered vibration force on the body.
7. The control electric cabinet adopts the technology of combining the automatic and manual electric boards into one cabinet. In case of sudden failure of the automatic board in the production, the production can still be carried out by turning the knob to the manual board immediately. The purpose is to ensure the normal production and improve the work efficiency without stopping the brick machine.
8. The frame and mould adopt carbon dioxide protection welding technology, which is firm and reliable, no explosion, no crack and no deformation, and greatly prolongs the service life of this concrete block making machine.
9. The storage box adopts front and rear sliding adjustment technology to make it easy to clean the distribution box.