What technical improvements does QTF4-18 automatic medium-sized concrete block brick making machine have compared with the previous brick making machine?

1. First of all, the degree of automation is higher. This is an improvement that we can see directly from the surface. More integration. The operation is more convenient and fast, saving labor. It adopts industrial PLC control system of international famous brand Mitsubishi and touch operation. Better flexibility and can be adjusted according to different parameters. Combined with the international development trend, the digital control programming is designed and compiled. It is easy to operate and does not need professionals. It only needs simple training to operate the block making machine.
2. Secondly, the vibration is driven by electro-hydraulic technology, and the multi-source vibration system is driven by hydraulic pressure to generate vertical synchronous vibration. The vibration force is stronger and more uniform. The hydraulic station adopts concealed design method to reduce the oil circuit, reduce the occupied space, shorten the oil pipe, reduce the hydraulic power loss and make the power more sufficient. Its main components are imported from Germany, which makes the pressure higher, and thoroughly solves the problem of oil leakage caused by long-term operation. Moreover, the frequency can be adjusted automatically to realize low-frequency feeding and high-frequency molding, so as to achieve good vibration effect for different raw materials.
3. The way of material feeding is improved. The unique crank and connecting rod structure is adopted to force blanking, which completely solves the problem of difficult distribution of special-shaped bricks.
4. The material and processing method of the mould have been improved. The raw material is upgraded to special steel, and then processed by high frequency carburizing heat treatment and fine wire cutting technology. Moreover, the upper and lower mold  plug-in design makes this concrete block making machine more convenient to replace the abrasives, so as to meet the different production needs.