What is the automation aspects of the fully automatic burn-free brick making machine?

As the improvement of technology, the automatic degree is become higher and higher. the improvement of automatic degree means the improvement of production capacity, and the reduction of labor costs. Since the establishment of FULANG MACHINE, it has concentrated on the development and upgrade of modern burning-free brick block machine. After 20 years’ development of FULANG MCHINE, in order to meet different kinds of customers’ requirement, the quantity of types have become more and more. At the same time, the automation level also continues improve. What are the aspects of full automation?
♦ The first is automatic weighing. Different types of bricks require different ingredients. Only the parameters need to be set in advance in the control system. The scale of feeding hopper weigh the material according to these parameters, eliminating the complicated process of manual measurement. And ensure the accuracy and continuity of the work.
♦ Secondly, the entire production process is controlled by the PLC control system, which is simple and convenient to operate, stable in operation, saves time and effort, and helps to reduce production costs. For this reason, the fully automatic block making machine is widely loved by customers.
♦ Finally, the machine can automatically load the pallet. When the finished brick is placed on the pallet, the machine can automatically send it to a fixed position without manual handling. We called this part as stacker.
FULANG MACHINE block making machine is constantly being upgraded, and its appearance and work performance have been greatly improved. Please feel free to contact us for your requirement and we will be happy to help you.