What is the advantage of our automatic brick making machine ?
1. FULANG hollow block making machine price increase the sensation pressure exhaust, forced charging, has the advantage of small power, molding pressure, cloth enough strength uniformity, high compactness, especially for depicting the common, can limit high content fly ash baking-free brick without gas.
2. FULANG brick machine is high-pressure and baked-free, it can limit high strength, high quality and low cost products. Mechanical oscillation gives pressure, product quality is good, exhibited clear, no glue die.  Drive motor airtight, easy to operate, easy to repair. Multi-usage, primary produce standard bricks, replaces the mold to make blind hole brick etc.
3. Our machine can stack the bricks directly, is used to many areas. It can use the material of fly ash, slag, limestone, river sand, slag, coal fly ash, the wind fossils, construction waste and industrial waste residue, water blast furnace slag, steel slag, etc. As usual, we can use two material to make at least two kinds of different bricks.
4. This automation equipment make less investment, easy installation, low failure rate, high yield, covers an area of less, short construction period, production personnel, less investment back quickly, high economic benefit.
5. FULANG MACHINE has many kinds of popular automatic block machine line, like our QT6-15,QT8-15,QT10-15. We have more and more new technology, and have more new products. All kinds of exterior wall brick, wall brick, tracery wall block brick, floor, dike dam blocks, can also produce chain road block and road next to the stone block, widely used in, building, road, wide field, such as hydraulic, the botanical garden construction.