1. The company introduces advanced frequency conversion technology from Germany, which has soft start function, so as to reduce the current required for click start. Therefore, it has the advantages of stable operation and low energy consumption. Compared with traditional motor operation, it can save up to 30% of electricity, thus greatly improving the service life of the block making machine and motor.

2. It adopts four bar guiding mode and excellent super long guide sleeve to ensure the accurate movement of the indenter and die.
3. Advanced PLC automatic control technology is adopted. The company introduces advanced technology from Germany, which makes the brick making machine perfectly combined with German automatic control technology system. It can realize man-machine dialogue, real-time display of system operation status, and timely alarm when fault is found.
With German Siemens motor and Siemens programmable controller, through the effective combination of digital and displacement technology, various actions are accurate and reliable, integrated operation, saving time and effort, and low failure efficiency. Equipped with the function of data memory, the operation parameters need not be adjusted after the first debugging.
4. The block machine body is made of thick wall super strong steel and special welding, which is extremely solid, vibration resistant and has strong exciting force.
5.  High efficiency hydroforming system.
The hydraulic system adopts high dynamic proportional valve for precise control, and can automatically adjust the flow in the production process, which has the advantages of stability, energy saving and high efficiency. It is not possessed by other similar low-end products.
6.  Integrated production.

According to its coordination, the full-automatic brick making machine series is equipped with complete supporting equipment required by the whole production line. Through integrated operation, it carries out batch standardized production, highly matching, perfect compatibility and stable and smooth operation.

Therefore, whether it is clay interlocking brick machine or concrete block making machine, technical excellence is the buyer’s choice standard.