If your machine has been used for more than 15 years, maybe it will encounter the following problems. Today we will provide some practical troubleshooting and maintenance methods for users of block brick making machine. And they are applicable to all kinds of semi-automatic and automatic concrete hollow block making machine, hydraulic compressed earth brick making machine, etc.

Trouble 1:Machines cannot produce by themselves.
Cause: The machine is not in the origin state.
Solution method: Check whether the upper mold head is in the upper limit position and the feeding box is in the check position
Trouble 2:Not enough pressure on the bricks.
Cause: Not enough feeding material, not enough pressure.
Solution method: Check the moisture content of raw materials.
Trouble 3:The upper mold head does not enter the under mold.
Cause: The upper mold or lower mold fixing screws become loose.
Solution method: Check the screws, re-adjust them into the mold, and tighten the screws.
Emergency measure tip: If there are any abnormal noise emitted by the machine, please shut down the machine immediately. Then calm down and check it step by step.