With the rapid development of economy and all areas, the transformation of the old city,commercial housing, construction of villages and towns and so on, brick market is huge. The traditional “Qin bricks and Han tiles” has been replaced by the modern “brick”. Our burned-free brick making machine can make environment-friendly brick, consistent with the protection of land resources in China.
Burned-free brick machine equipment can better recovery and utilization of the construction industry waste, material only after grinding and achieve the required fineness can be fully mixed and interacted with each other, which makes burned-free brick products can reach better strength, more in line with market demand, which leads to a larger market space for development.
By accelerating urbanization, upgrading, three major factors affecting the export demand, brick industry will continue to maintain a growth. Low carbon environmental protection is the principle we adhere to science and technology as the leading case, the high end of the low carbon is undoubtedly a key indicator in the fierce competition in the market.