A professional installation is very important, because it is the basic of following using of block brick machine.
Take the convey belt as example, whether in the production line of concrete block making machine or clay Interlocking brick making machine, the deviation of conveyor belt is one of the common faults. There are many reasons for the deviation, and the low installation accuracy and poor daily maintenance are the two main reasons. In the installation process, the head and tail drums and the intermediate idlers are as close as possible on the same central line and parallel to each other to ensure that the conveyor belt is not biased. In addition, the tape joint should be correct and the circumference of both sides should be the same.

So professional installation is very important for the normal working state. In other words, for purchasing a block brick machine, especially the fully production line, you must choose a professional and senior manufacturer. A professional installation is always the good beginning of normal operation. Otherwise, many problems in the using process will bother you all the time.