The cement road surface interlocking block making machine. Cement road surface brick adopt cement and aggregate(such as fly ash, crusher stone, construction waste etc.) as the main raw materials, its surface can have no color or have colorful surface layer (that depends on customer demand), its vibration and pressure molding process, for urban roads, city squares, concrete pavement and ground engineering board, and so on.

There is no welding spot for the mesa wire cutting die closing, the vibration table adopts the whole steel plate, which can reduce the load of the die and reduce the amplitude of the die in one, and fully reduce the mechanical wear. Adopt the all-in-one synchronous platform vibration mode to ensure the vibration effect. Imported PLC touch screen control panel, high quality sealing hydraulic components, ensure the comprehensive performance of the equipment is stable and reliable. The mold adopts the combination assembly structure, which is convenient for replacement and maintenance and cost saving. Automatic board feeding and stacker can also be configured according to individual requirements to make the whole production process more automatic.
In order to promote the development and production of the tile paving machine, operators should be trained and guided before the equipment leaves the factory, and some technical data and instructions should be given in detail. And training some maintenance knowledge. In the use of the process, to pay attention to the operation of the machine, not only focus on production and neglect the daily maintenance. In this way, the working efficiency of the machine will be greatly reduced in a long period of time, thus affecting the service life of the machine. When the factory is equipped with brick-making equipment, it can not only reduce labor costs, but also improve the efficiency of safe production.
As a kind of automatic hydraulic block brick making machine, the pavement brick making machine has achieved quite high technical attainments and made due contributions to the development of the construction industry in China.
Lower cost, cheaper than clay bricks. Further more, environmental protection, environmental protection has certain advantages. Cement brick machine has inexhaustible advantages, otherwise it would not be so quickly popular around the world.