At present, most brick machine and block machine manufacturers are facing a technical shortfall.

In recent years, the domestic burn free brick block machinery industry has developed rapidly, which is of great significance to reduce environmental pollution, recycle waste and protect cultivated land. With the increase of housing demand and the development of urban and rural construction, the demand for building bricks is also increasing. As brick machine plays an important roles for the production of unfired bricks and meeting the requirements of urban and rural construction. All kinds of brick making machines put into production and use. At present, the most advanced large brick making machines is hydraulic brick making machines. They are equipped with various molds, which can meet the needs of various brick laying production. But it is plagued by a technical problem. During use, the cylinder drives the mould up and down along the guide system of the brick-making machine. Due to the heavy weight and large volume of mold parts, the balance effect of the hydraulic cylinders on both sides in the lifting process is often not ideal when loading, and the long service time will affect the production efficiency and equipment precision.

Aiming at this technical problem, after a period of research and development and practice, FULANG machinery Company has carried out research and technology development. R & D team finally came up with a technical solution to the problem. New hydraulic brick machine supported by new technology, once listed on the market, is favored by the majority of customers. The solution is the equipment of the brick machine mold lifting and balancing device, with the hydraulic brick machine, to improve the balance of the mold lifting process, reduce friction losses in the process of operation, to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic brick machine, improve equipment utilization and production efficiency.
Components of the lifting and balancing device of the mould:
The lifting and balancing device of the mould is matched with the hydraulic brick making machine, which is composed of connecting plate, guide column and sliding sleeve installed at the left and right ends of the brick-making machine.
Technical principle:
Two guide posts are set at both ends of the brick making machine, and the upper and lower molds are connected with the guide post through connecting plate and sliding sleeve. The sliding sleeve is provided with lubricating oil holes to reduce friction and wear between the guide column and the sliding sleeve. When the mould is made of bricks, the upper and lower hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic brick-making machine drives the upper and lower mould to move, the connecting plate at both ends of the sliding sleeve connection moves up and down along the guide column, and the brick-making machine at both ends of the sliding sleeve moves up and down along the guide column at the same time.

Four sliding sleeves are respectively arranged on the opposite side of the four columns, forming a rectangular frame at both ends of the balanced hydraulic brick making machine, and four points of support forming the four corners of the frame, which can be synchronized to drop and rise, greatly improving the stability and balance degree of lifting and reducing the operation of the mold.

The new technology ensures the normal operation of the hydraulic brick block making machine, so as to improve the production capacity of the equipment, improve the production efficiency, better achieve the intended purpose, reduce the mold failure and equipment maintenance loss, so as to improve the equipment utilization and production efficiency.