Today Let’s take a look at the FL4-10 interlocking brick-making machine. Recently many customers make an inquiry about this machine from all over the world.

So let’s make a detailed introduction to this soil brick machinery.

First, this is soil brick machinery.

Many countries, especially India, call it clay brick machinery. Some countries call it mud-brick machinery or compressed earth block machinery. No matter what it is called, its name all comes from its raw material. The material for making bricks is clay, soil, mud, earth, etc. all kinds of names.  There are a few differences between all the materials. Usually the viscosity and moisture content is different. So you need to adjust the water quantity according to the material in your local. If the viscosity is not good enough, you can add a small amount of cement. But the soil viscosity in most areas is sufficient. Furthermore, we can provide different brick machinery with different pressure. You can choose different pressure brick machines according to your local material quantity. For example, the brick machine pressure has 50 tons to 300 tons or more.

Second, this is interlocking brick machinery.

The brick mold is customizable according to your requirement. For the soil brick machinery, most customers will use it to make interlocking bricks. The only difference is the interlocking methods and the brick size. You can choose different brick shapes of different sizes. It is no problem for us. The most popular bricks are interlocking bricks with two holes and hydraform bricks. As different areas always like different bricks, we provide different services according to your requirement. So the brick-making machinery is customizable machinery.

Third, this is hydraulic brick-making machinery.

As we mentioned above, our brick-making machinery can provide different pressure. It is because we adopt a hydraulic brick molding system. And the hydraulic pressure is adjustable from 50 tons to 300 tons or more. So the price will have differences according to different hydraulic pressure.

Fourth, this is a high production capacity brick machinery.

This brick-making machine can produce 11520 pieces of bricks per 8 hours. The quantity is enough for most requirements. This is automatic brick production equipment. And it has a high automation degree.