QTF4-25D automatic concrete block-making machine ready to be shipped to Kazakhstan. Congratulations to this customer, he will receive his block machine soon.

Today Let’s make a detailed introduction to this automatic concrete block-making machine.

It’s is a middle-size automatic concrete block making machine.

It’s a little small than QTF4-18 but can reach a fully automatic degree. So the production capacity is higher than QTF4-24, QTF40-1, QTF40-2, QTF4-28, etc. semi-automatic concrete block-making machines.  Of course, its production capacity can’t compare with QTF10-15, QTF12-15, QTF4-15, QTF8-15 ,etc. big Scala fully automatic block machine. Certainly, they have completely different prices.  And they are not on the same level. So you need not compared them together.  It’s an excellent block machine in the same level machines. It has a concrete mixer at the beginning of the production line.  It also has a block stacker at the end of the production line. It has the material convey belt in the middle of the production line.  These all accelerate the production process. Furthermore, QTF4-25D adopts 35.5KN vibration force, so the forming effect is more excellent.

It’s a multifunctional concrete block machine.

This block machine can produce different kinds of blocks just by charges different molds.  It also can produce interlocking pavers with colored surfaces.  The colored interlocking pavers can be divided into two types. The one just has a colorful surface, and the other is overall with color. Of course, the latter type will waste more pigment. So the former is better for users. This QTF4-25D  has this kind of function. The surface pigment is just be added to the block surface, not add into the concrete material directly. So this kind of color feeding method is more advanced.  This machine not only can produce hollow blocks and interlocking pavers but also can produce big curbstone.

It’s production capacity is different according to different block size.  For the size 400*200*200mm, the production capacity can reach 4608 pieces per 8 hours. And for the size 230*110*70mm, its production capacity can reach 23040 pieces per 8 hours.