QTF4-25D automatic cement brick machine has finished production and ready to be shipped to America. This is an automatic type concrete block making machine.
According to the degree of automation can be divided into: automatic cement brick machine, semi-automatic cement brick machine and manual cement brick machine

According to the forming system is divided into: mechanical cement brick machine and hydraulic cement brick machine
According to the forming principle, it can be divided into mechanical vibration type and hydraulic forming type
Cement brick making machine, also known as concrete block making machine, is a block forming brick making machine specializing in the production of unburned concrete bricks.
(1) The strength of brick can be produced according to the requirements of engineering construction
(2) It can be hollow block, multi row hole brick, solid brick and other different kinds of concrete brick
(3) Shape according to the needs of the project to determine the different specifications of block brick
(4) The waste concrete brick can also be recycled to increase the comprehensive utilization rate of resources.