This month QTF4-25A concrete block making machine is so popular, today another QTF4-25A finished machine testing, it means this machine is ready to be shipped to our customer abroad. This time QTF4-25A is bought by a Haiti customer, so this machine will be shipped to Haiti these days. At the same time, congratulations to our Haiti customer, he will receive his machine soon, and start his concrete block production business.
Why is QTF4-25A so popular these days? Today let me give you some explanation.
First, QTF4-25A is a semi-automatic block making machine, so it is relatively cheaper than other automatic types. But its automation degree is higher than QTF4-24, it has automatic pallet feeding system, automatic block stacking system, automatic material feeding system, automatic concrete mixer system, and automatic molding system.
Compressed with those fully automatic big scale block making machine, QTF4-25A almost has all the automatic systems. In another word, it’s more like a miniature version of those fully automatic block machine. So this machine is perfect for a first-time entrepreneur. After they earn money, they will generally consider buying a higher output, larger scale automatic machine.
Second, we upgrade the technology which be applied to semi-automatic brick making machine. The sensors is more sensitive. More over, the whole line control is more coordinated. Many technical adjustments have been made on the basis of QTF4-24. So now compared with the QTF4-24, we now recommend the QTF4-25A to you. It’s more cost-effective.