1. This is a special concrete block making machine.

This equipment is a piece of comprehensive process equipment controlled by mechanical hydraulic PLC. It is characterized by high efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance. The block forming is mainly hydraulic, and the machine is auxiliary. The block forming is completed by vibration and press.

2. This is a high quality concrete block machine.

1)Sturdy structure, easy to install and maintain.
2) High degree of automation, intelligent electronic control, the automation process is controlled by advanced PLC (Programmable Controller), process data input and storage, block touch screen, ideal and flexible man-machine dialogue interface.
3) Pneumatic components, electrical components, and operating components all adopt world-leading brand-name components.
4) The design and manufacture of this machine meet the requirements and standards of <Building Block Making Machine>
5) High degree of automation and intelligence
6) The reliability is good, and the hydraulic system is biased towards improved technology and a perfect design process. Use an independent integrated hydraulic station. Avoid the impact of dust and host vibration on the hydraulic system.
7) The high-pressure double crank controls the opening and closing of the mold.
8) Using famous brand PLC and motor to ensure the durability of the machine
9) Good adaptability of raw materials, advanced step vibration molding technology. Adjust measures for different situations. Use various waste ash and slag to reasonably reduce the amount of cement to make a variety of high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing blocks.