QTF12-15 fully automatic brick block production line ready to be shipped to America. Congratulations to our America customers, he will receive his machine soon.

1. QTF12-15 full automatic fly ash hollow block machine adopts PLC intelligent control, which makes the man-machine interface real. It has fault diagnosis system and remote control functions, complete logic control production program.

2. Lock the mold box into the high rigidity vibration table through the demoulding oil cylinder to achieve the best working condition
3. Synchronous vibration can make the concrete fluidize and drain out in two or three seconds to ensure high density. It is especially suitable for the production of standard blocks, which can be stacked immediately to directly save tray investment.
4. paver blocks with or without color on the surface can be produced. If color is needed, the face color feeding device shall be used.
5. The unique forced feeding system can utilize various industrial wastes and materials, such as coal ash, cement, sand, stone, slag, etc. The machine can produce standard brick, concrete block, perforated brick, paving brick and so on in various uses with only changing mould.