QT4-15  is an automatic concrete block making machine. It’s so popular these days for Egypt and Philippines customers.

It has so many advantages:

Performance and Characteristics of QT4-15 cement brick making machine.
1. adopts hydraulic drive to products of high strength.
2. PLC intelligence control .
3. A short molding cycle. So It’s production capacity is very high.
4. By replacing molds, it can produce different sizes of concrete bricks: hollow blocks, solid blocks, pavers, curbstone with different size and different shapes.
5. high technical hydraulic molding system. High quality molding effect.


The production capacity of this auto concrete block making machine 
1) Main product scale and output:
A) Hollow block: 390 * 190 * 190mm, 4 pieces / mold
B) Paving stone: 200 x 100 x (50-100) mm, 17 pieces / mold
C) Porous brick: 240 x 115 x 90mm, 12 pieces / mold
2) Cycle time: 15-25 seconds