The following is one of our hydraulic automatic fly ash brick machine operation procedures for your reference, maybe this will make you have a better understanding of hydraulic automatic brick machine.
 Check if there is any collision or damage during the transportation of this ash bricks manufacturing machine equipment. If any, please exclude it.
2. Check all the fastening bolts of the fly ash blocks machine, the column nut, the oil pipe joint and the electrical wiring screw in the distribution box for looseness. Then tighten the wrench and the screwdriver again.
3. Open the fuel tank cap and fill it to the position marked by the level gauge according to the grade. Gas assisted with No. 16 anti-wear hydraulic oil below 10-100, anti-wear hydraulic oil with No. 32 or No. 46 at 10 °C-30 °C, anti-wear hydraulic oil with No. 68 or No. 100 above 30 °C) Replace with non-hydraulic oil such as engine oil. In long-term use, the same grade of hydraulic oil should be replenished in time when the oil level is lower than the highest oil level.
4. For different types of hydraulic brick machine, the motor models are different, three-phase 380V(the voltage is adjustable to your local voltage) power supply, control single-phase 220V power supply, in addition to the machine’s own distribution box, the user has prepared a three-phase 380V / 60A blade, so that For maintenance operations, it is recommended to use a copper wire of 4 square meters or more three-phase four-core cable for connection to the distribution box. The main line of the power supply should be no less than 6 square meters of copper wire, and the aluminum wire should be no less than 10 square meters.
5. Place the mold on the lifting station, adjust the slide, make the mold push and pull light, and make the mold just in the middle of the top lifting plate, tighten the slide bolt and mold limit.
6. Install the pressure gauge. The main machine is a 40Mpa pressure gauge, and the machine is a 25Mpa pressure gauge.
7. Open the power distribution box, check whether the power cable is connected properly, and click the main motor start button to see if the motor rotation direction is consistent with the direction marked by the oil pump. Otherwise, adjust the power connector to any two phases (Note: The main and auxiliary motors are aligned when they are shipped from the factory.)
8. Start the main motor, press the row button to lower the piston rod for a certain position (not exceed 1/2 of the stroke), then press the stop button, then press the up button (or press the up button directly) to stop the piston rod and stop. Secondly, exhaust the air in the cylinder and the oil pipe, and check whether there is oil leakage in the hydraulic parts of the electric brick making machine, if there is any troubleshooting.
9. Start the motor, and manually operate the manual valves of each station, and go back and forth to check whether there is any oil leakage in each part, if any.
10. After checking that the ash brick manufacturing plant is normal, start the main payment motor, add the material to be pressed into the mold, push it into the middle of the work table, align the pressure head, adjust the position of the travel switch, and raise the pressure head to the appropriate position, press Down button, you can press, according to the cement brick making plant pressed product set pressure (adjusted by pressure adjustment method) after pressing, pull out the mold to the demoulding station, press the manual valve handle to push out the product. When the pressure is insufficient, the pressure can be increased. Adjust the overflow valve of the jacking block until the product is pushed out. Hold the template with both hands, place the product in the designated position, remove the template, put the mold frame, and then operate the manual valve. Return the template to its original position, repeating the next operation.